9 Biggest Social Justice Issues of 2020

As the 2020 US Presidential Election approaches, social justice issues are coming to the forefront. Some of these issues include gender identity, race relations, immigration, and women’s reproductive rights. There are many different views about how society should address these hot button topics—and that’s why it’s important to be informed. Here is an easy-to-read blog post outlining some of the bigger social justice issues that may take center stage in 2020.
The top social justice issues of 2020 will be:

  1. Gender Identity
    This issue is often the hottest topic on the table. Gender identity covers a wide variety of topics including sexism, transgender rights, and LGBTQ+ rights. For years, people have argued about whether sex and gender are socially constructed (and thus can change), or whether they are natural (and fixed at birth). The trending topic of gender identity is an extension of the debate.
  2. Race Relations
    Race relations is a topic that constantly comes up during election cycle—and it’s important to keep track of this issue because it’s the final stage of American history. After discussing slavery and segregation in previous elections, we can expect to see this issue rise even higher in 2020 and beyond.
  3. Immigration and Free-Movement
    Mass immigration has been a central issue in US politics since at least the 1920s. While there have been some attempts to work towards a solution, the topic is still a hot-button issue today. Because of the amount of attention the media gives to immigration, it’s sure to be one of the biggest social justice topics in 2020.
  4. Women’s Reproductive Rights
    In recent years, women have taken a stand for reproductive rights and have been vocal about decisions made by state governments that oppose abortion. The topic has been largely discussed during both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaigns. Women’s reproductive rights, also known as reproductive justice, is an important aspect of women’s rights.
  5. The Rights of Non-binary People
    As the LGBTQ+ movement has exploded in the past few years, issues around gender identity have become more common in discussions about social justice. Non-binary people are an important aspect of this topic because they are in transition between male and female genders. While many people may not know what it means to be non-binary, the topic is likely to come up in the 2020 election.
  6. Transgender Rights
    Many LGBTQ+ rights issues revolve around reproductive rights and transgender rights, but they also include more than just those things. One of the biggest LGBTQ+ social justice issues is allowing interpreters and people with disabilities (IDPD) who may not be comfortable using restroom facilities that match their gender identity.
  7. The Affirmative Action Debate
    Affirmative action is not a new social justice topic, but has been the center of controversy since it was first implemented in the 1960s. The debate continues today. Opponents of affirmative action say that it is reverse discrimination and promotes reverse racism. Supporters, on the other hand, argue that affirmative action is necessary to level the playing field for people who have previously been discriminated against.
  8. Gun Violence
    Gun violence has been a social justice issue since the late 1960s and has been discussed in every election since then. Gun violence is an important topic because it shows how American culture, government, and society interact with one another. Gun violence is a complex topic that requires a comprehensive answer from politicians.
  9. The 2020 Election
    All of these topics will be important to watch during the 2020 election because each one reflects the state of social justice in this country. This blog post has outlined nine of the biggest social justice issues expected to be discussed in future elections. 

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