About Us

Khoborbarta is a news blog. This blog is a source of news that is curated for the interested reader, and provides a surface level of opinion, commentary, and criticism. It will be published daily. Topics may include newsworthy events from around the world, current social issues which are relevant in local context or in the context of global society at large. The goal is to focus on topics that deserve attention from people with an objective point of view.
Here you can read about local events, learn about global events, and write your own articles. 
The views expressed by the author on this page do not necessarily represent those of the publishers or management of this site. The authors will not be liable for any legal consequences from the use of the material published.
Khoborbarta is published by the student run B.C. Institute of Technology (B.C.I.T.). Khoborbarta is funded by teachers, students and alumni of B.C.I.T..
We claim no ownership over the content published here. We claim no right to sell or profit from the content published here. All the rights are reserved by the authors.
The content of this blog is not in any way related to official school events.

Khoborbarta took its name from an Armenian word which translates to “news”. The news site aims to provide the B.C.I.T community with up-to-date news, while also giving readers an alternative view of matters that are either misreported or not reported at all by other sources. It is written by the student body and managed by the student body, featuring articles by B.C.I.